Day 7

A connection with Doulton pottery showed up today. A possible connection with Lambeth based pottery date as yet unknown.

Trench two has now definately moved back in time to possibly the construction phase (lacking any pottery but fragments of buidling materials) for Easwood house. A stone lined drain has shown up which has been cut, possibly by a ditch which contains a brick and decorative stones. Tomorrow should hopefully show up the relationship of these new contexts.


A hungry bunch after a morning work

A hungry bunch after a mornings work

TAS geophysics team came up to carry out a geophysical workshop (thanks to Keith and Greta for their time)  including data collection and processing






Undated brick on left and waterlogged wood deposits on right in possible ditch cutting earlier drain


Stone line drain, covered by large broken capping stone.


Doulton ware, undated but linked to Lambeth pottery

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