Day 8 no time for artist use of the trowel today!

The day was given over to the weather (yes it rained), mainly heavier excavation methods used and gridding of the site. No attempt to work in trench 2 with its clay base.

However Stuart managed to reach the base of a cellar which appeared to have had a bricked up outer wall! Also of note were additional brick walls within the cellar which were discovered in 2012. There is a possibility that this may have been additional strengthening, possibly could be due to design  faults or perhaps WW2 and the use of the cellar in case of air raids?

Some nice patterned floor tiles were discovered, awaiting Kerry to wash them and provide her analysis.

Sarah did some teaching today during one of the rain storms.


Context sheet and then a practical afterwards on site


Brick work near entrance now cleared. Appears not to be a later phase path.


Looks to be a collapsed wall?


Deep cellar, made of cut stone. Here two small brick walls appear to be designed to hold a flagstone surface. This was seen at Newton Hall. Has any one seen them at any of the other cellars excvatated?


Note blocked in opening on left behind sarah. In foreground later phase drainage associated with conservatory ( possibly after the demoplition of the house).


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