Open day Cheetham park

This was the last day for dig with events for the public. The weather was horrific with very heavy freezing showers. However some people managed to find out what had been learnt about their local park. Most people were surprised at to the extent of the remains. The Salford university team have one  more day to complete recording and then the site will be back filled.

What have we learnt over the two weeks:

The extent of the residence of the benovalent Cheetham family to the people of Stalybridge. Further history research by TAS with signifcant  support of the researchers for the House of Commons 1832-1945 History of Parliament team.

What is the future?

A full report will be produced by the professional archaeoloigsts in 2015.

TAS will continue to explore the park, with test pits to further extend the knowledge of the heritage of the people of Stalybridge. A report of work undertaken todate  by TAS will also be stored at the The Tameside Local Studies & Archive Centre.


Site being prepared ready for the day.


Marlene giving tour of the site, giving an opportunity for an aerial photo of the site which was terraced into the hillside.


Heritage Management Director for Archaeology in Greater Manchester: Norman Redhead came to evaluate first hand the site. His job is to coordinate the advice for sites such as this through the heritage gateway. Also he provides the association of Greater Manchester Authoritieswith advice who funded the series of large scale Community digs.


David giving a tour of the site, pointing out the deep cellars.


Mike a TAS member enjoying his last day digging on the site with a collection of high quality tile fragments


A packed exhibiiton and find viewing area, even the kids get in on the act with some colouring items produced by Sarah the educational archaeologist.

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