Whats on

Every Sunday we are usually out digging in Tameside and / or undertaking geophysical surveys. Occasional depenednt on the demand of a particular project additional days are involved.

This years main evaluations are  at   Mottram and a roman road geophysical project between Stalybridge and Castleshaw. WE have been assisting wiht the Legacy project in Tameside for a national project on WW1 associated sites. This year we have started the a graffiti project for Tameside which focuses around the medieval period. We have been involved at Mottram so far.

This year we will hve a public event with a two day in Cheetham park .

We are also undertaking research on our a)  mesolithic project Irontongue. This involves analysing the data, further environmental research, XRF assessment of chert samples from the site, but also other sites near Liverpool  and raw material from North wales, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. This research is supported by Mr Ron Cowell and Dr Jeff Blackford. We have also had a dig site on Boar flat which is late mesolithic.

We also produce desk based assessments in preparation for future evaluations. Through out each year we are also producing reports of previous excavations or building surveys.

We also have vistis to places of archaeological interset each year, see the sites blog for this years visits.


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